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Rabbit Hay Sale in the Greater Charleston, SC Area

Timothy HayLowcountry House Rabbit Society sells quality timothy hay to raise money for medical costs and care of our fostered rabbits. 

Rabbits should always be fed unlimited timothy hay for digestive and dental health, and pellets should be limited to very small quantities as a supplement only. Many rabbits who are offered greater amounts of pellets will choose to eat those rather than their hay, and eventually their health will suffer.

Rabbits should eat approximately a pile of timothy the size of their bodies each day. Please bear in mind that many rabbits are finicky, and will pick out certain pieces that appeal to them while leaving others, so there is usually some waste invovled which can be used as litter.

We offer 10 lb bags of hay for $17 each, or 20 lb bags for $25 each.

This hay is straight timothy hay, second cut, and is also highly compressed so that it takes up far less space than it used to. Most rabbits, and other small animals like guinea pigs, love it!

If you live in the Charleston area, please contact us to set an appointment to pick up one or more bags of hay. All pickups are in Ladson near the Goose Creek and North Charleston borders, in late afternoon or evenings by appointment only (this is a private residence).

Shipping costs have risen so dramatically in the past five years that it is highly impractical to ship the hay any longer. I'm happy to do so if you would like, but hay will be shipped through the post office at whatever they charge, plus a $4 handling fee.

Thank you, and have a bun-derful day!